Socket built-in Bluetooth drivers version 6.3.17

1 Jul 2007

Click to download the Socket Mobile version 6.3.17 drivers for the Allegro CX Field PC with built-in Bluetooth. These drivers add support in the Carlson SurvCE software for connecting to Bluetooth devices which require a security passkey (pin number) to connect.

Save and run the "Allegro-CX-Socket-Bluetooth-Drivers-6.3.17" file on the desktop PC to extract the setup files. Instructions for installing to the Allegro CX will appear automatically once the extraction program has finished. If you are already encountering issues, you will first need to perform a Set Factory Defaults and then install these drivers before running SurvCE again. Additional information is provided at the following web page.

Bluetooth with Carlson SurvCE