Field carrying options for the Mesa

15 May 2013

A few options are available for carrying the Mesa Rugged Notepad in the field while not in use (to free your hand). A flip-cover, form-fitted case with carrying hand and should straps is available at the following web page:

Or an optional holster case is also available to purchase from our online store:

The Mesa itself provides an elastomeric hand strap which was designed to assist you with comfortably holding the Mesa in your hand while using the Mesa in the field. But the Mesa should not be carried or hung by the elastomeric hand strap itself when not in use as this could permanently stretch the hand strap (making it no longer elastomeric or be able to firmly hold the Mesa to your hand), damage (tear) the hand strap, and/or damage (break) the hand strap mounting clip bars on the end bumpers of the Mesa. If needed, a replacement elastomeric hand strap and/or bumper(s) can be ordered from our online store.

Alternatively, the following document provides instructions for making a simple, do-it-yourself shoulder strap for the Mesa Rugged Notepad.


Or a custom hand, neck, or shoulder carrying strap (such as the one we provide for the Allegro, which is available on our online store) could be connected to the Mesa using 8-32 UNC button head bolt screws (available from any hardware store) along with stainless steel D rings (such as from in whatever arrangement is desired in the four back mounting screw holes. Additional information is provided in our Mounting Options and Specifications article.

Some third party products are also available, such as a flip cover fitted case, which provide a hand, neck, or shoulder carrying strap. Contact for additional information.