Camera options for the rugged handheld

9 Mar 2020

Note: This information is provided as a reference and does not imply that Juniper Systems will provide full support for the use of any specific third-party device or software with a Juniper Systems product.

Standard (basic) model Mesa 3 and Mesa 2 units do not have integrated cameras. Please see Camera will not open on Mesa 2 or Mesa 3.

If you have a Geo or higher model with cameras, use the Windows 10 Microsoft Camera app in Full Screen mode to see the rotate cameras icon. Use the rotate cameras icon to swap from the default front (selfie) camera to the main back camera. Closing and then re-opening the app may retain the Full Screen mode setting.

To disable the front camera so that only the rear camera comes up in the app, go to Device Manager > System Devices > Camera Sensor OV2740 on Mesa 3 or Camera Sensor OV2722 on Mesa 2 and select Disable device.

Archer 3 and Allegro 3 (A3) provide the same camera hardware options as on Archer 2 and Allegro 2 (A2), though the camera apps on A3 provide faster and higher resolution recording methods than on A2.



Original article — 4 Mar 2011

A digital camera can be used with our rugged handheld computer products, possibly in place of the built-in camera. Most often the cameras used with our products have integrated GPS for geo tagging, embedding, and/or embossing photos with location information. Below is a list of some of the most common camera options used with our products.




For the built-in camera on some of our products, specific information regarding options for programmatically controlling the camera is provided at this web page.

Programmatically controlling the camera