Camera will not open on Mesa 2

1 Feb 2019

If the front and/or rear camera will not open on the Mesa 2, some possible solutions are as follows.

Standard (base) model Mesa 3 and 2 units do not provide camera hardware, as shown below.

Camera No Camera




Perform a Hard Reset by first doing a Shut Down then hold the hardware Power button for 20 seconds, release then wait a few seconds, then attach wall charger, and then briefly press the Power button again to boot back up and test the camera.

Make sure the Microsoft Camera app is still installed and functioning. You may need to uninstall then re-install this app from the Microsoft Store. Some alternative camera apps are also available.

Make sure no group policy or user account control applied by your organization is intentionally preventing the camera from operating.

Tap and hold on the bottom-left Windows (Start) button to select Device Manager from the menu. In Device Manager, open the System devices section. On the Mesa 2, with the "Camera Sensor IMX175" (rear) and/or "Camera Sensor OV2722", tap and hold on it to try to Disable device then Enable device, Uninstall device then “Scan for hardware changes” to re-install device, or perhaps manually reload the drivers such as from the following link.

In the worst case, you may need to perform a "Reset this PC" (set to factory defaults) under Start > Settings > Update & security > Recovery, or submit the unit to a certified repair center.