LandMark GPS

2 Feb 2009

Update 21 May 2020 - LandMark Mobile has been deprecated. If possible, it is recommended to migrate to Uinta. Below is for legacy reference only.

The LandMark GPS software provides a low cost solution for basic GPS navigation and waypoint collection. Newer versions also allow GPS data (such as latitude and longitude) to be "wedged" (automatically entered) into text fields of other software applications (such as spreadsheets or database forms).

From the table below, select the install file for the Microsoft operating system that is on your model Field PC. A registration code will need to be purchased (such as from our online store) and entered to use the software beyond the demo period.

Operating System
(Release Notes)
Install File
EXE runs on desktop PC
CAB runs directly on Field PC
Windows Mobile
Windows CE

*Note: The updated WMM.COF file for years 2015 through 2020 is available at the following link.


Future versions can be obtained directly from this website.