Recommended Mesa 3 Android Preferences for Efficient Data Entry in Uinta

16 Jun 2022

This article lists some recommendations to set up your Mesa 3 Android to help provide an easy and efficient way to use Uinta.

Note: If you prefer to have your Mesa 3 set up differently, Uinta will still work.


For instructions on the Android setup process for a new Mesa, see Mesa 3 Android - Getting Started.

To log in quickly, create an offline account without a password. 

When originally setting up, you don't need to be connected to the internet.

Quick Settings

Swipe down from the top of the screen to show some of the quick settings. Swipe down a second time to see all of the quick settings.

Adjust the following quick settings:


  1. Tap the gear icon to open the settings screen from quick settings or the all apps screen.
  2. Tap Display > Adaptive brightness. Use the slider to turn off the adaptive brightness. (Slider should be gray.) 

  1. On the Display screen, expand the advanced section.
  2. Tap Sleep.

  1. Tap Never.

Programmable Keys

We recommend assigning the keys (buttons) on the Mesa 3 to include the functions listed below.

Select Settings > Keypad to see the buttons and their current assignments. Expand Advanced to see all of the buttons. Tap the name of the individual key and then choose your preferred function. (Scroll up and down to see all of the functions).


The default virtual keyboard requires users to switch views between numbers and letters. Change to a virtual keyboard that is more conducive to data entry with numbers and letters in the same view. 

  1. On the Settings screen, scroll down and tap System > Languages & input > Virtual keyboard > Gboard > Preferences.
  1. On the Preferences screen, turn on the Number row slider. (Number row slider should be blue.) 

Touch Control

Adjust the touch control to match the weather you are working in. In mild weather, use the "Stylus or Finger" option. In rain or snow, use the "Wet" option. To make changes, 

  1. Open the settings screen or quick settings menu.
  2. Tap Touch Control.

  1. Tap your desired option. 

For more information about touchscreen profiles, see Best Practices for Capacitive Touchscreen.

Internal GPS

If you are using the Mesa 3 internal GPS instead of a separate receiver, remember that the GPS is located in the upper left corner of the device. You will get better accuracy if this corner of the Mesa 3 isn't covered (such as holding the Mesa 3 in your hand by that corner).

Reviewed & Approved: MT 24August2022