GPS Set Up for Uinta

18 Jan 2022

This article explains how to connect Uinta for Windows to a GPS and how to connect Uinta specifically to a Geode using a Virtual COM Port.

Connect Uinta to a GPS

  1. To access GPS Settings in Uinta, select the satellite icon in the upper-left corner.

  2. The Location Source drop-down offers options based on the receiver you are using:

Note: A direct connection to a specific receiver port often provides better accuracy than going through the Location Services in any operating system.

  1. Select the source you want to connect to, and tap connect.

  2. Close the "Select GPS Location Source" window.

  3. Verify the position information from the receiver is accurate. You may need to move further outdoors to achieve an acceptable position reading from the receiver.

Connect Uinta to a Geode Using a Virtual COM Port

As explained in the Remove Virtual COM Ports article, three generic virtual ports are created when Geode Connect is installed (see the Geode Manual for install instructions). An additional virtual COM port is assigned to the Geode when it is connected. Uinta can then be connected to this virtual COM port to receive GPS information from the Geode.

To connect Uinta to the virtual COM port:

  1. Locate the virtual COM port assigned to the Geode.

Note: See the Windows Bluetooth Pairing article to learn how to locate the assigned virtual COM port.

  1. Open Uinta.

  2. Select the satellite icon in the upper left corner.

  3. In the Location Source drop-down, select the outgoing COM port assigned to the Geode.

Note: The device name may not match the device, but the COM port number selected in Uinta must be identical to the one listed under Device Manager on your device.

  1. Tap connect.