Troubleshooting Removal of Virtual Ports

4 Jan 2022

If you have difficulty removing the virtual ports in Geode Connect, this article explains a few ways to troubleshoot.

Note: Geode Connect 2.3.0 has improved virtual port drivers. When you install the new version of Geode Connect, install it for All Users so the virtual port driver will be replaced.

Note: Before removing virtual ports, you need to connect a Geode with Geode Connect for Windows. Some users opt to directly connect Geode to a Windows device rather than use Geode Connect.

Close Software and Reconnect

  1. Close Geode Connect and reopen it.

  2. Reconnect to the Geode.

  3. Open the main menu and select Virtual Ports.

  4. Delete the virtual ports listed by selecting the trash icons. Ensure Enable Automatic Port Virtualization is Off.

Locate Assigned COM Port Number

Use Device Manager or More Bluetooth Options to verify the correct COM port number. As a reminder, when Geode Connect is installed, it creates three generic virtual COM ports. See Geode Connect Virtual COM Ports for more details. 

Verify Port in Device Manager

  1. Go to Start > Device Manager > Ports (COM & LPT).

  2. Select the drop-down arrow to view the COM ports. Ensure you use the outgoing COM port.

Verify Port in More Bluetooth Options

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.

  2. Under Related Settings, select More Bluetooth options.

  3. Select the COM Ports tab and verify the assigned outgoing COM port. Ensure you use the outgoing COM port.

Remove App Data

If the previous methods don’t work, you can remove the app data:

  1. Close Geode Connect.

  2. Go to File Explorer > View tab.

  3. Check the box to Show Hidden items.

  4. Go to Local Disk (C:) and locate the folder containing your user data.

  5. The path is C: > Users > [username] > AppData > Local > Juniper_Systems_Inc > Geode Connect  

Note: This path will vary if the software was saved under all users (Public), rather than an individual user (username).

  1. Delete the Geode Connect folder.

  2. Open Geode Connect and go to the Virtual Port Settings. Verify the ports aren’t listed there. If the virtual ports are listed, select the trash can icon(s) to delete them.

  3. In the Virtual Port Settings, under Enable Automatic Port Virtualization, select Off.

Uninstall Geode Connect

If you try the previous methods and still have issues, you can uninstall Geode Connect and delete the GeodeConnect AppData and ProgramData folders:

  1. Close Geode Connect.

  2. Go to Start > Add or Remove Programs.

  3. Locate Geode Connect in the list and select it.

  4. Select Uninstall.

  5. Follow the prompts to uninstall Geode Connect.

  6. Go to C: > Users > [username] > AppData > Local > JuniperSystems > GeodeConnect and delete the GeodeConnect folder.

  7. Go to C: > ProgramData > JuniperSystems > GeodeConnect and delete the GeodeConnect folder.

  8. Reinstall Geode Connect and then turn off automatic port virtualization and remove the virtual ports in the settings.

If you need further assistance with removing the virtual ports, please contact with details.