Limitations of waypoints feature in Geode Connect

29 Apr 2022

The waypoint collection function of Geode Connect is intended for test and demonstration purposes only. We highly recommend using a true data collection app with the Geode. The Recommended Mobile GPS/GIS apps for use with Geode article lists some options for available data collection apps. 

You can find a more extensive list of Geode-compatible apps for iOS in the Apple iPhone and iPad apps for the Geode GNS2 article.

If you still want to use Geode Connect to collect waypoints, Geode Connect for Android version 2.3.0 now stores waypoint files in a new location (listed below) to meet newer Android app data storage location requirements.

Known Issues

Geode Connect for Android version 2.2.3 from Dec 2021 as well as Geode Connect for iOS version 1.0.2 from Apr 2021 may not record or export waypoints. This issue has been resolved with Geode Connect for Android version 2.3.0 and with Geode Connect for iOS version 1.0.3 or later.

Having the OS language set to anything other than English (US) may also cause issues with the Waypoint feature.

Some limits to the number of waypoints that can be saved in a file (such as 256) may be encountered. You may need to backup then delete files and then start a new file.