End of service for previous battery packs for Mesa 2, Allegro 2, and Archer 2

30 Aug 2021

Previous (blue cell) battery packs for the Mesa 2, Allegro 2, and Archer 2 have reached end of service. The following Battery Safety Notice was sent to our partners in supplement to the warning on the battery pack and in the manual.

Battery Safety Notice

If you would like to purchase a new (pink cell) battery pack that is still serviced, please contact your local Juniper Systems partner or our sales team. Our online store provides these on the following web pages.

The optional internal battery in previous Mesa 2 units requires replacement at a certified repair center, or can just be disabled. Installing BIOS firmware ULPMC version 25 or later prevents the Mesa 2 unit from recognizing and using an internal battery that is the type that we are removing from service.

Update for Newer Model Batteries

Newer model (pink cell) battery packs require a software/firmware update and more as described at the following linked articles.