Geode appears to be inaccurate in good conditions

28 Jan 2021

There are two potential reasons the Geode can appear inaccurate even if there are good conditions: software or datum.

For more information about accuracy, see the articles listed below.


Mapping and data-collection software can gather the data on your location through OS location services or through a direct connection with an external receiver. If your Geode appears to be inaccurate, it is possible the software you are using is collecting your location information from your device and not the Geode. For more information, see OS Location Services vs. Direct Connection to a GPS Receiver.


Errors can occur if you compare a real-time GPS position or recently recorded data to previously recorded data (or background layers/imagery) that are using a different map system. A common way to notice when this has occurred is when most of the data points are inaccurate by the same amount in the same direction. For more information, see Datum of GNSS (GPS) receivers.

If you ensure all your data, both new and old, are using the same datum, then it should all be comparable. If needed, we recommend picking a datum before collecting any data and then using that datum from then on so conversion isn't needed later. The software will often perform datum transformation automatically when recording the NMEA data from the GNSS/GPS receiver so it matches the project. 

Not seeing satellites

If needed, additional possible solutions are listed at the following web page.

Geode is not seeing satellites