Cellular modem driver update for Mesa 3 Windows

10 Oct 2022

Update 13 Jul 2022: With the 3G sunset, some 4G LTE cellular modems may not be able to retrieve APN settings. This problem is heightened because Windows no longer supports the QMI interface used to apply the APN information to cell modems. For details, see Apply an APN with Skylight.

Some updates for the cellular modem in the Mesa 3 Windows model have been included in our OS releases 20043 through 22039. Later updates may install automatically through Windows Update. If needed, the latest drivers and firmware from Sierra Wireless are available to install manually from Cellular modem troubleshooting on Mesa 3 Windows.

Models of the cell modem module that are offered in the Mesa 3 Windows include:

The driver for the cellular modem is shown in Device Manager under Software devices > Mobile Broadband Firmware Device. You may first need to enable View > Show hidden devices. The other Sierra Wireless drivers under Network adapters, Sensors, and/or System devices are unrelated and not truly used on the Mesa 3.