Anticipated 3G cellular network sunset

20 Jan 2020

Update 13 Jul 2022: With the 3G sunset, some 4G LTE cellular modems may not be able to retrieve APN settings. This problem is heightened because Windows no longer supports the QMI interface used to apply the APN information to cell modems. For details, see Apply an APN with Skylight.

Update 5 Oct 2021:

See original article below. Cellular networks that use 3G (HSPA+, CDMA, etc.) have now confirmed sunset dates. An updated comprehensive list is provided at the following web page.

3G Phase Out: What we know so far?

For quick reference of the major carriers within the United States:

Original article from 20 Jan 2020:

3G cellular networks around the world are being scheduled for sunset (shut down). Contact your cellular network provider for more specific details, such as for dates and affected regions. This will affect operation of the 3G cellular modem feature of the Allegro 2, Archer 2, and the original Mesa Rugged Notepad models.

The following links will be updated as new information is provided. Some preliminary information for some networks are at the following web pages.

AT&T -

Other networks (as of July 2019) -

Newer alternative solutions include the Mesa 3, Allegro 3, and Mesa 2 that each provide an integrated 4G LTE cellular modem option. Or you may be able to tether to a Wi-Fi mobile hotspot feature of an external cellular modem or smartphone. Contact for further suggestions if needed.