Geode not showing Galileo or Beidou satellites

18 Sep 2019

The Geode may need a firmware update as described at the following web page.

Hemisphere P206 firmware updates for Geode

Geode Connect for Microsoft Windows PC version 1.2.2 has not yet been updated to show these satellites. Geode Connect for Android as well as Geode Connect for iOS (for GNS2 model units only) can show these satellites. If absolutely needing to see these satellites on a Windows PC, the Terminal (command prompt) tab can be used to check the receiver signal configuration by sending $JSIGNAL,INCLUDE in the terminal screen. It should report back $>JSIGNAL,INCLUDE,L1CA,G1,E1BC,B1 which is interpreted as follows.

L1CA = GPS L1 Coarse Acquisition code L1 carrier
E1BC = Galileo L1
B1 = Beidou B1

If only $JSIGNAL,INCLUDE,L1CA,G1 is returned then you can try sending $JSIGNAL,INCLUDE,ALL, to try and turn on all of the signals.