Red light flashes rapidly on Geode

6 Jun 2019

Typically a fast blinking red LED indicates a power fault of some type. If your Geode is fresh out of the box, please plug it in and allow it to fully charge for the best possible results. The power fault indicator can also be triggered if the Geode is particularly cold with a low battery, such as if it had been left in a cold vehicle or outdoors overnight. Once it is inside and comes back up to room temperature, charging should occur normally.

Otherwise, if you do encounter further power issues on the Geode, try disconnecting everything from the device, make sure the unit is powered off, connect the USB cable, then plug the charger into the wall. Give it some time on the charger, maybe 10–15 min, disconnect everything, try to turn the Geode on, then back off again, then repeat.

If it continues to flash a fault light, this may suggest the battery has critically discharged as detailed at the bottom of the following web page.

Geode Charging