Geode will not charge

15 Dec 2021

This article recommends the best way to charge the Geode.

The cable and wall charger the Geode is supplied with has been spec'd to charge the Geode fully. A USB port on a computer does not provide an adequate amount of power to charge the device.

Geode GNS3

Wall chargers:

  • 15 W
  • 100–240 V AC
  • Adapters for the US, UK, and EU
    • AU/NZ adapters are supplied separately. 


  • USB-C to USB-C
    • Recommended for use as a primary charging cable. Use this when the device is powered on and charging at the same time. This cable can also be used for data transfer.
  • USB-A to USB-C
    • A legacy cable used for charging when the receiver is powered off.

Geode GNS2 or GNS1

Wall chargers:

  • 2 Amp (or higher)
  • 5 Volts
Wall charger for the Geode.


  • 28 AWG / 1P + 24 AWG / 2C
  • 3 feet long
  • Large ferrite clamp near one end
Cable for charging the Geode.

An off-the-shelf cable may not charge the Geode completely because the electric current might not be sufficient. If your original cable is damaged or lost, you can order a replacement from our online store.

We recommend leaving the Geode GNS1 or GNS2 (or any of our products) plugged in over nights and weekends to ensure that you have a full battery at the beginning of each work day. If not using the Geode every day, it can be left plugged in for up to two weeks (potentially more). When storing the Geode for more than two weeks, a full battery can potentially be good for up to 6 months without being plugged in, though we still recommend plugging it in once a month to keep it topped off.

If the Geode will not charge, try charging it overnight even if there are no signs of life. If you cannot recover the battery, contact our repair center to replace the battery or charging port.