Geode Charging

6 Jun 2019

We recommend that you charge the Geode with the cable and wall charger that it was sent with, which has been spec'd specifically to fully charge the Geode. Charging through a USB port on a computer may not provide an adequate amount of power to charge the device.

If you use other cables and chargers you should consider the following. Wall chargers need to be a 2 Amp (or higher) 5 Volt charger. The cable may be a bit more difficult. The specs are 28 AWG / 1P + 24 AWG / 2C at length of only 3 feet with large ferrite clamp near one end. You can try using an off the shelf cable, and it may or may not give a complete charge to the Geode. Off the shelf cables sometimes don’t carry a electric current sufficient enough to fully charge the Geode.

The best comparison we can give is this (Off the shelf = Garden hose, Our cable = Firehose for charging). If your original cable is damaged or lost we carry replacements on our online store.

If a Geode will not charge, try plugging it in overnight, even if no signs of life.