4 Jun 2019

Updated content 15 May 2020, original article from 4 June 2019 -

Instructions for setting up and using NTRIP through Geode Connect for Android are provided in the following web link.


Instructions for NTRIP using Geode Connect for iOS are provided starting on page 44 of the user manual at this link.


Currently, Geode Connect for Windows does not provide additional virtual com portals or location services as is needed for NTRIP corrections. Alternatively, this could potentially be accomplished using 2 com ports on the Geode.

For example; you can connect Geode Connect PC via Bluetooth com port (so it can provide RTCM corrections) and then connect a third-party software application using the physical USB com port. Both apps will be running but connected on 2 separate ports. Note you can also use a physical 9 pin serial port if the Geode has one.

Sometimes the third-party app can provide the NTRIP data directly, but it will still have to connect to 2 ports physically. One port to provide the NTRIP RTCM IN and the second port to get the corrected data out.