3 Sep 2020

Updated content 4 Sep 2020, original article from 4 June 2019 -

You must have the latest version of Geode Connect installed. Instructions for NTRIP setup using Geode Connect are provided in the user manual starting at the following pages.


iOS - Page 40
Android - Page 66
Windows - Page 100


Original article - 4 June 2019

Currently, Geode Connect for Windows does not provide additional virtual com portals or location services as is needed for NTRIP corrections. Alternatively, this could potentially be accomplished using 2 com ports on the Geode.

For example; you can connect Geode Connect PC via Bluetooth com port (so it can provide RTCM corrections) and then connect a third-party software application using the physical USB com port. Both apps will be running but connected on 2 separate ports. Note you can also use a physical 9 pin serial port if the Geode has one.

Sometimes the third-party app can provide the NTRIP data directly, but it will still have to connect to 2 ports physically. One port to provide the NTRIP RTCM IN and the second port to get the corrected data out.