Setting Windows 10 to factory defaults

15 Aug 2018

If you are wanting to set the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system (such as on the Mesa 3 Windows or Mesa 2) to factory defaults, follow the instructions below. If this is due to issues that you are encountering in the operating system such as getting stuck at a blank or black screen, please first try some of the possible solutions described at the following web page.

Running slow or frozen

If you are able to access the current operating system, navigate to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Reset this PC then follow the instructions in each step.

If you are not able to access the current operating system (such as getting stuck during the boot process or at the Windows login/lock/welcome screen), tap or press the Shift button (on screen or on an attached USB keyboard) while performing a Restart. If this is done correctly, you will be provided a Recovery menu with “Advanced repair options” such as to perform a “Reset this PC” as previously described.

If you are not able to access that menu, Press and hold the hardware Power button for 10 seconds, release while the red LED is flashing rapidly, briefly press the Power button again, wait 3-4 seconds, then immediately repeat this process two more times. Basically, forcing the system to Restart before completing boot three times in a row will show “Please wait” then the Recovery Menu as previously described.

If you have had a custom OS image installed on this unit, you may need to reload it as described at the bottom of the following web page.

Loading custom Windows OS image on Mesa

If you are still not able to recover the Mesa 2, please contact a certified repair center.