Windows will not wake from Sleep

19 Jun 2018

Content updated 16 Dec 2020, original article from 19 Jun 2018:

Sometimes the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, such as on the Mesa 3 Windows or Mesa 2, will not wake from Sleep such as after being left overnight or weekend. Some recommendations to fix and prevent this issue are as follows.

Just as a reminder, by default briefly pressing the Power button on the Mesa will perform a Sleep, as well as leaving the Mesa unattended with no user input for several minutes will perform a Sleep. Performing a Sleep is different than performing a Shut Down, Restart, or even Hibernate.

Some immediate solutions to this issue are provided at the following web page.

Running slow or frozen

To prevent such an issue in the future, it is recommended to fully and properly close/exit all running software applications as well as perform a Restart before leaving the unit to charge over nights and weekends. The unit will then probably remain at the Windows login screen during that time, and/or all pending Windows Updates will install.