Display will no longer rotate

8 May 2018

Updated - 10 Feb 2020

If the display will no longer rotate, such as after installing a Windows Update, some possible causes and solutions are as follows.

Verify that screen rotation is not disabled (locked) in the Action Center. To open the Action Center, you can swipe from the right edge of the screen, or tap on the bottom-right Notifications icon. You may need to Expand the bottom options.

If you are using a dock and have a keyboard attached, pressing Ctrl-Alt-arrow keys will change display orientation, such as while also projecting to an external display.

You may need to restore the correct driver version for system devices as detailed at the following web page.

System devices not functioning after Windows Update on Mesa 2

Some installed application software may lock the display and prevent it from rotating, perhaps just while running. Close the running application or End Task in Task Manager. The software and settings may need to be fully removed.

Reloading the display and graphics drivers may be needed such as from the following web pages.

Intel HD Graphics driver update for Atom Z3700 processor

Drivers package for Mesa 2

If you have ever attached an external monitor (such as through the HDMI port on the M2 Dock), you may need to remove previous dual screen settings or set the built-in display to be the “main” screen again.

You may need to perform a Start > Settings > Update & security > Recovery > Reset this PC.

If needing further assistance, please contact support@junipersys.com or call 435-753-1881 for customer service.