Grounded stylus kit now available

15 May 2018

We now offer a modified version of the soft-tipped AmPen capacitive stylus for use in cold wet conditions. This modification provides a grounded wire tether to the charging port (DC jack) on the handheld. Using this modified stylus along with the Wet/Water profile for the capacitive touchscreen may help improve response in such conditions, particularly if wearing thick non-conductive gloves. Contact for further details. Additional recommendations for such conditions are provided starting at the following web page.

Recommendations for using capacitive touchscreen in wet conditions

Along with introducing this kit, for the Mesa 2 we are also offering a modified ports cover (to allow access to the DC jack) and hand strap (to provide a loop as a place to store this stylus). The modified port cover is included in the kit. The modified hand strap is available to purchase separately. See the following instructions for additional reference.