Storing the Field PC during inactive periods

20 Oct 2008

It is recommended to attach a wall charger to the rugged handheld computer or place it in a power dock over nights and weekends (or during an inactive period up to two full weeks) to allow the inserted battery pack(s) to be charged fully and then to maintain the current charge (trickle charge or keep topped off).

If storing for more than two weeks, follow the steps below for preparing handheld for extended inactive periods.

  1. Close all running software on the Field PC (if needed, use Task Manager).
  2. Depending on the chemistry of the main rechargeable battery pack(s) in the Field PC, follow the steps below to prepare the battery pack(s) for storage.
    • Li-Ion: No special charge requirements
    • NiMH: Charge to full capacity
    • NiCAD: Drain completely
    • Alkaline: Not applicable (not rechargeable)
  3. Backup all data, software, and licenses from the Field PC to a separate storage location such as a desktop PC or memory card as described on our "System Backup of the Field PC" FAQ webpage.
  4. Depending on the operating system of the Field PC, follow the steps below to fully power off the Field PC.
    • Windows Mobile: Press and hold the Power Button for 3 seconds, then select Power Off
    • Windows CE: Not available
    • DOS: Press yellow + S keys > Power Management (press Enter) > Power Key set to On/Off (press F1) > exit System Setup (press Esc twice) > press On/Off key
  5. Remove battery pack from Field PC and store separately