Solar panel power supply

10 Feb 2017

Note: This information is provided as a reference and does not imply that Juniper Systems will provide full support for the use of any specific third-party charging accessory with a Juniper Systems product.

Information is provided in our blog post at the following web page.

A solar panel can be used to charge spare batteries for the Field PC (or to charge the Field PC directly*) while in remote field locations. Such a solar panel charger should meet the specifications (such as can provide at least 18W (1.5A) @ 12V) as listed at the following web page.

Third-party or custom power supply FAQ

Several vehicle mounted, and hand carry options are available. A few portable options are listed below.

Recommended Configuration

It is preferable to use an external battery charger (Travel Charger) with the solar panel. The Field PC external (spare) battery charger comes with a cigarette lighter (vehicle) adapter, which can attach directly to the cigarette lighter (vehicle) attachment of the solar panel. Also, using an external battery charger allows you to carry two or more Field PC batteries, swapping the batteries each morning and leaving the depleted battery (that was used the previous day) back at camp charging using the solar panel. For more information about purchasing an external (spare) battery charger, please contact our Sales Department.

Otherwise, the Field PC* or external battery charger port specifications and power requirements are available on our FAQ webpage.

* Note: The solar panel can be attached directly to the Field PC`s power port (DC jack) to charge the currently inserted battery, but fluctuations in the power supplied by solar panels (caused by reduction in direct sunlight due to the time of day, overcast clouds, etc.) can cause the Field PC to resume (turn on) whenever the power fluctuates significantly. It is recommended to operate a previous Allegro Field PC model in Vehicle Mode (as explained in the User Guide) if directly attached to a solar panel.


Original article from 21 May 2012