UHF RFID firmware update for Mesa 3 and Mesa 2

22 Oct 2020

A new firmware update is available for both the optional JADAK ThingMagic M6e Nano as well as extended range M6e Micro (with ATA license support) UHF RFID modules in specific Mesa 3 and Mesa 2 units. The new firmware versions included are for the Nano module and 01.0D.00.19 for the Micro module. For details regarding these firmware updates, please see the release notes document for each at the following web page.


To install the firmware update in Microsoft Windows, download the following ZIP archive file, extract all contents to the same folder on the Mesa 3 Windows or Mesa 2 unit, and then run the extracted M2RfidFirmwareUpdate.exe program. Windows Defender may prevent install, unless you tap "More info..." then "Install anyway."


If you are using a Mesa 3 Android unit, contact support@junipersys.com if you feel that you have a need to update the RFID firmware.

Previous versions:

Nov 2019 - Firmware version for the Nano module and 01.0B.03.11 for the Micro module

Oct 2017 - Firmware version for the Nano module and for the Micro module

Jan 2017

As you should have been directly informed, if your Mesa 2 unit has an integrated RFID module, a critical firmware update is available. Details are provided in the following web document.


If you have not yet installed this firmware and are in need of assistance, please contact support@junipersys.com. Newer units should have this or a later RFID module version of firmware already installed.