Taking screen shots of the Field PC

4 May 2009

Note: This information is provided as a reference and does not imply that Juniper Systems will provide full support for the use of any specific third-party hardware or software with a Juniper Systems product.

Screen Grabber

The Archer 2 and Allegro 2 provide a built-in Screen Grabber utility as described in the following web video.

My Mobiler

An open source program that runs continuously along side ActiveSync which allows you to view and control the Field PC from a desktop PC. Also allows for file and text copy and paste between devices.


ActiveSync Remote Display

ActiveSync Remote Display (ARD) is a program included in the Microsoft Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys, available to download for free at-


Note: With newer model rugged handheld computers running an OS above WinCE 4.2, before ARD will run you need to copy the "cerdisp2.exe" and "KillProc.exe" files from the \devices\wce400\armv4 folder in the directory where ARD has been installed on your desktop PC, to the \Windows folder on the handheld.

SOTI Pocket Controller

SOTI Pocket Controller is a similar program, but adds many additional features. For more information, please visit the following website-


Another option:

EveryWAN Remote Support

Remote Control Software

Remote computer control programs, such as PocketVNC, PCanywhere, or GoToMyPC can be used to control a desktop computer from the Field PC or vice-versa.


Xoanan SnapIt (no longer available)- Takes screen shots directly on the handheld computer.

Many mobile device management (enterprise security) systems offer an integrated remote control support feature. See a list of options at the following article.

Enterprise security integration