WMDC will not fully install, connect, or uninstall

9 Dec 2016

Sometimes when installing Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC), it may fail to fully install even though it may appear like the install was completed. When WMDC is only partially installed, it can cause issues when connecting to our rugged handheld computer products (handheld). Such issues may include the following.

This issue may also prevent WMDC from being fully uninstalled, leaving issues even after re-install. When WMDC will not fully uninstall, it may appear as follows.

If you have encountered such issues, you may need to alternatively fully uninstall WMDC using a utility such as is provided at the following web page.


Once WMDC has truly been fully uninstalled, if desiring to re-install make sure that your WMDC installer file download is not corrupt or partial. Known good copies of the installer are available under the 64-bit and 32-bit links at this web page.

Windows Mobile Device Center (ActiveSync)

Also make sure that no firewall or other system security is enabled preventing WMDC from fully successfully installing and connecting. After install is complete and connection is tested, you may then be able to re-enable the security. If having connection issues with security enabled, some suggestions are provided at this web page.

Corporate Security (Firewall or Virus Scan) conflict