Form app generators (rapid application development) and databases

17 May 2010

Update 16 Mar 2020 - We now offer our Uinta software for Windows 10 such as on our Mesa 3 and Mesa 2. Uinta provides quick forms and records creation and entry along with mapping. For more information, please see the following web page.

Uinta - mapping and form data collection software

Original article 17 May 2010 -

There are many ways to store and access database information on our rugged handheld computer products. Below are some database and/or form generating systems that are compatible with the Microsoft Windows Mobile and Windows CE operating systems used on our products.

Form Generating Software

Forms can be generated to access database information on the Field PC. Some of the form applications that have been used on the Field PCs in the past are listed below.


Additional options may be described at the following web pages.

For additional references and explanations, please refer to the following web pages.

Database Systems

Database information systems that have been used on the Field PCs in the past are listed below.

* Note: The deprecated Microsoft Pocket Access is not fully compatible with our rugged handheld computer products. Microsoft Access can be used to generate a database (MDB, DBF) file that can be converted to a compressed database (CDB) file and used on the Field PC, but Microsoft Access can no longer be directly used to generate forms for Microsoft Windows CE / Mobile. To access the database file instead of using Pocket Access, use one of the form-generating programs listed above.

** Note: A patch must be installed onto the Allegro CX Field PC to be able to use ADOCE in a Visual Studio or eVC++ application to access database information. The patch is available at:

ADOCE for Allegro CX