Installing Bluetooth

31 May 2006

The Socket Communications Bluetooth wireless technology Compact Flash card adapter adds Bluetooth capability to the Allegro Field PC. This adapter can be purchased from Juniper Systems by contacting our Sales Department. For more information on this adapter, please visit the Socket Communications website.

This adapter is compatible with the Allegro CX and Allegro CE Field PC models. Bluetooth is not supported on the Allegro CE/DOS and Allegro DOS Field PC models.

Note: The Allegro CX may be purchased with or repaired to have Bluetooth built-in. If your Allegro CX has Bluetooth built-in, the software drivers were included in the operating system and do not need to be installed separately using these instructions. An Allegro with Bluetooth built-in eliminates the need for having to use a Bluetooth CF card adapter, leaving the PC card slot on the Allegro available for other uses.

Newer Class 1 Socket Mobile Bluetooth CF adapters are not compatible with older Allegro models (such as the CX and CE).

Some model "G" or older Class 2 Socket Mobile cards may not work with the latest Allegro CX OS release 1.06 or higher, or newer model Field PCs.

Before installing the software drivers for the Socket Communications Bluetooth Compact Flash card adapter, you need to confirm which operating system your Allegro is using. The install processes given below include installation to the Allegro CE with Windows CE 3.0, the Allegro CE with Windows CE .NET 4.1, and the Allegro CX without Bluetooth built-in.


Determining Allegro Model and OS Version

To determine the Allegro model and operating system version, please follow these steps.

  1. Tap on the Allegro Start menu | Settings | Control Panel.
  2. Scroll down the Control Panel screen and double-tap on the System icon.
  3. Record the model and the version of Microsoft Windows CE operating system your Allegro is using, which is displayed at the top of the General tab in the System Properties window.

If you are using an Allegro CE, the operating system being used is either:

If you are using an Allegro CX, the operating system being used is:

Downloading Socket Bluetooth drivers for each Allegro Model

The Socket Bluetooth drivers for each model of the Allegro are available to download from the Support Section of the Juniper Systems website at:

Socket Bluetooth Drivers

To determine if you have downloaded the correct install file for your Allegro model, the below install file names correspond to the following Allegro models:


BT_AllegroCE30.exe = Allegro CE with Windows CE 3.0

BT_AllegroCE41.exe = Allegro CE with Windows CE .NET 4.1

BT_AllegroCX42.exe = Allegro CX (without built-in Bluetooth)


Note: Do not insert the Socket Bluetooth card adapter into the Allegro until after you have completed installing the software drivers. If you have already inserted the card, please eject the card from the Allegro.


Installing the Socket Bluetooth Drivers

Once the correct install file for your Allegro model has been downloaded, refer to the following install instructions.

  1. Connect the Allegro to Microsoft ActiveSync on the desktop PC.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded install file on the desktop PC.
  3. Follow the given install instructions displayed on the desktop PC and on the Allegro.
  4. After you tap Finish to complete the install wizard on the Allegro, reset the Allegro by tapping on the Start menu | Programs | Utilities | Reset System. Or press and hold the On/Off key for 5-7 seconds until the Allegro resets.
  5. Insert the Socket Bluetooth CF card adapter into the Allegro and assure that the "B" logo appears in the system tray.
  6. Confirm that the latest drivers have been installed by tapping on the "B" logo in the system tray on the Allegro, and then on the "About" menu item. The version 6.3.0 should appear in this window.
  7. Save the system by tapping on the Allegro Start menu | Programs | Utilities | Save System.