No Bootable Sources Found

2 Oct 2005

The "No Bootable Sources Found" error message on the Allegro CX Field PC is similar to the "Can't Boot- No valid nk.bin" error message on the Allegro CE Field PC. Workarounds and solutions to this issue are described in the FAQ article at:

Can't Boot- No Valid NK.BIN

The Allegro CX Field PC provides improvements to the internal flash memory ("C_Drive") to reduce the occurence of such issues compared to older Allegro models. But on the less frequent occasions where these issues do occur, the lesser solutions of performing a Soft Reset, Restore, holding the On/Off key for 20 seconds (Hard Reset), removing the battery for 20 minutes, and reloading the OS from an inserted card are less effective. But these possible solutions are still worth trying prior to performing a scan of the hard drive, formatting the hard drive, or returning the unit for repair.