Can't Boot- No Valid NK.BIN

2 Feb 2002

If the Allegro loads to the Boot Menu or DOS prompt screen and has an error message at the bottom stating Can`t Boot- No Valid NK.BIN or No Bootable Sources Found, then your internal flash memory (C_Drive) has not loaded properly, or the Windows CE operating system (NK.BIN) file has been deleted or corrupted.

This problem can be caused by a number of reasons, such as-

The most common cause of this problem is when an Allegro has been left for a week or longer without removing the battery, plugging in the wall charger, or placing the Allegro in the USB/Power Dock. For more information on preventing this problem in the future, please visit the Preventing Missing C_Drive Issue website.

For several possible solutions, please proceed to the below FAQs in the following order.

  1. Reset the System
  2. Remove Power and Restore System
  3. Load OS from Card and Restore Hard Drive
  4. Request a Repair