RFID development tools for Mesa 3 and Mesa 2

13 Jan 2020

Please visit the following web page to download our standard utility software for the optional integrated RFID modules in the Mesa 2.

RFID Connector utility for Mesa 3 and Mesa 2

We provide developer tools and sample code for the RFID modules in the Mesa 3 and Mesa 2. Though due to government regulations for the RFID transmitter power levels, please sign the following agreement then email it to support@junipersys.com.


Once we have obtained a signed agreement from you, we will send you our part number 26843 development files. A brief preliminary explanation of these code samples are provided in the following documents. Please pay special attention to the section in the Explanation document titled Application Startup. Without this aid, you would not be able to communicate with the RFID module.




Further development tools for the RFID modules are provided starting at this web page.


Further documentation for each module are at these web pages.





Rev 00 ( - Initial Release

Rev 01 ( - Fixes a Hibernate/Sleep issue with the Windows RFID Sample Code

Rev 02 ( - Added compatibility with Mesa 3