RFID development tools for Mesa 3 and Mesa 2

22 Sep 2022

Please visit the following web page to download the latest version of our standard software utility for the optional integrated UHF RFID modules in the Mesa 3 and Mesa 2.

RFID Connector utility for Mesa 3 and Mesa 2

We provide developer tools and sample code for the RFID modules in the Mesa 3 and Mesa 2. Though due to government regulations for the RFID transmitter power levels, please sign the following agreement then email it to support@junipersys.com.

RFID Indemnification Agreement

Once we have obtained a signed agreement from you, we will then send you our part number 26843-12 development files that include an explanation on how to power this expansion module, optionally including a sample M2-RFID-Power.exe program. A brief preliminary explanation of these code samples are provided in the following documents. Please pay special attention to the section in the Explanation document titled Application Startup. Without this aid, you would not be able to initially communicate with the RFID module.

Mesa 2-3 RFID Source Code Explanation (PDF)

Mesa 3 Android RFID Source Code Explanation (PDF)

Mesa 2 Android RFID Source Code Explanation (PDF) 

Once you are able to initially power and communicate with the module, further details regarding the Mercury API (that is used to more extensively communicate with the Jadak ThingMagic RFID modules) is provided starting at this web page.


Further documentation for the ThingMagic Nano and Micro modules is at these web pages.



The released version of our RFID Connector utility can scan one tag at a time and wedge that data into other apps. When writing your own separate software application, it is technically possible to set the RFID module to a Continuous Reading mode for scanning multiple tags automatically within a set power (range) and time limit (based on region requirements). An example Universal Reader app is available from Jadak to show this function. If a further example is needed, we can provide a modified developer version of our RFID Connector utility to show this function. These examples only temporarily display all scanned tag data in a window, so you must write your own software for being able to actually collect and use the data.

The released version of our RFID Connector utility can scan single-line tags or just the first line of multi-line tags such as on train rail cars. If desired, we can provide an alternative sample version of our RFID Connector utility with source code which can display all data of multi-line tags, though it is just a demo so does not “wedge” or otherwise output/export data.

For details regarding the integrated ThingMagic M6E-TC UHF RFID AEI/ATA Read/Write module for the Mesa 3 that is only available through specific partners, please contact sales@junipersys.com. Some limited details are at this web page.

Integrated UHF RFID AEI/ATA Read/Write module for Mesa 3



Latest sample code release from September 2022, original code release from March 2017