Cannot remove or rediscover a Bluetooth device

16 Jul 2008

When setting up a Bluetooth device to connect with a Windows Mobile Field PC, an issue can be encountered with symptoms similar to the following:

This issue is most often caused by not entering a passkey when requested during a previous Bluetooth device partnership setup, and then tapping "YES" when asked if you would like to add the device to the device list.


You may be able to use our Clean Bluetooth utility to resolve this issue on any Windows Mobile Field PC (not just Archer), which is available at:

Clean Bluetooth Utility

Or the Field PC could be set to factory default settings as explained in the User Guide. Performing a Clean Boot on an Archer Field PC is explained at:

Set to Factory Defaults (Clean Boot)

To properly connect to a Bluetooth device which does not specify (or does not require) a passkey (without again encountering this issue), it is recommended to perform one of the following:

Additional information is available at:

Bluetooth Setup with Microsoft drivers
Common connection issues with Bluetooth