C_Drive missing from My Computer

3 May 2004

When the Allegro was turned on from suspend mode, it was not able to complete the loading of the software card drivers that allow access to the C_Drive. This might occur from any of the following situations:

The C_Drive still exists, along with all files and applications. The C_Drive only appears to be missing because the card drivers used to view the drive are not fully loaded or are not responding.

Click here to review the preventative measures you implement to keep this situation from happening to your Allegro again.

Charge the Battery First

We recommend fully charging the battery pack for your Allegro. Install the battery pack into your Allegro as outlined in the Quick Start Guide that is shipped with your unit. Plug the AC wall charger into your Allegro and charge the battery for 2 to 3 hours. Once the battery pack is fully charged, click here to follow Solution 1: Reset the System.