Keyboard lock up or key not responding

26 Oct 2015

Sometimes the "Word Completion" feature of the operating system can interfere with key entries. To disable this feature, tap on Start > Settings > Personal > Input, click on the “Word Completion” tab, uncheck all options listed, and then tap OK.

If the period or any other hardware key is not responding properly such as after a previous repair, you could try downloading (do not extract) the file, copying it to the Allegro 2, running it from File Explorer, and then soft Reset. If you feel this is needed, please contact to obtain the file.

If the keyboard is not responding on a Carlson Surveyor 2 unit, the custom keyboard map may need to be reloaded or updated. Please see the following web page for more information.

Similarly, if a key or a few keys will no longer respond, the keyboard map in the Windows registry may be corrupt. If available, the Windows registry could be reloaded from a previous backup (such as created using the utilities listed at the following web links). Or you may need to perform a full Clean Boot (Set Factory Defaults) to restore the Windows registry.

For developers, the custom JSHome screen may be active and intercepting key strokes. If needed, changing the following Windows registry key may help. Updating the operating system (such as to A2 OS release 1.7.2 or higher) may help prevent this issue.


Otherwise, if you suspect that the keyboard hardware may need servicing, please contact a certified repair center.

List of general certified repair centers