USB Found New Hardware wizard when connecting to desktop PC

19 Nov 2008

If you connect the rugged handheld computer to a desktop PC through USB, and then a "Found New Hardware" screen appears asking you to locate the drivers for the device, some possible causes and solutions are mentioned below.

WMDC / ActiveSync Version

Make sure you have the correct version of Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (or ActiveSync) previously installed on your desktop PC which is required for connecting to your product model as listed at the following web page.

Downloads for WMDC / ActiveSync

Remove "Unknown Device" from Device Manager

Even if you have the correct version of WMDC or ActiveSync installed, you may need to remove or uninstall the "Unknown Device" from Device Manager under Start > Control Panel > System and/or Hardware.

Specify Drivers

If you are sure you have the correct version of Microsoft WMDC / ActiveSync installed, tried performing a Reset on the Field PC and desktop PC, connecting to a different USB port on the desktop PC, switching ActiveSync USB drivers (if available), and even re-installing WMDC / ActiveSync, then you could try completing the "Found New Hardware" wizard by specifying the drivers location, which by default are contained in a folder similar to the following.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\Drivers\