Network (VPN) conflict

22 Aug 2008

Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher by default uses the new ActiveSync USB RNDIS (network) drivers to connect to a desktop PC. A secure network or virtual private network (VPN) can prevent or interfere with connecting to ActiveSync (Windows Mobile Device Center).

Without having to re-configure security on your network, you could try changing the Field PC to use the previous ActiveSync USB Serial drivers (which were used by default in Windows CE 4.2/ Mobile 2003 and older) by follow the steps below.

  1. On the Field PC, tap on Start > Settings > Connections tab > "USB to PC" icon.
  2. Uncheck the "Enable advanced network functionality" checkbox, and then tap OK.
  3. Attach the USB Client (ActiveSync) cable.

If you will be keeping this change, then you will probably also want to install the following patch.

ActiveSync network security conflict patch