Use Remote Connection Software to Control Your Device

28 Sep 2023

Remote connection software allows you (or someone you trust) to remotely maintain, diagnose, or fix your device over long distance. The software must be installed on the controlling computer and the remote computer you wish to access. 

The following remote connection software work with Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Other tools for specific operating systems or browsers:

Using remote connection software can quickly drain the battery on your device. Connect to an external power supply if you will be using remote connection software for an extended period.

Note: This information is provided as a reference and does not imply that Juniper Systems will provide full support for the use of any specific third-party hardware or software with a Juniper Systems product.


Reviewed and approved: OS, 28 Sept 2023. Original Article: 28 Jun 2007



A Microsoft Windows desktop PC can be used to control a Windows Mobile Field PC from Juniper Systems, Inc. through an Internet, network, ActiveSync, or other connection method. One situation where this can be useful is when a Field PC user is in the field and needs remote help desk assistance with the Field PC. Or it can be useful when training a user on how to use the Field PC.

Remote Control Software

Below are listed some Microsoft Windows desktop applications for remote controlling a Microsoft Windows Mobile device.

Note: With the Archer Field PC, before ARD will run you need to copy the "cerdisp2.exe" and "KillProc.exe" files from the \devices\wce400\armv4 folder in the directory where ARD has been installed on your desktop PC, to the \Windows folder on the Archer.

Many mobile device management (enterprise security) systems offer an integrated remote control support feature. See a list of options at the following article.

Enterprise security integration

Remote Viewing Hardware

Below are listed some Microsoft Windows desktop applications and hardware (SD and CF cards) for viewing the Windows Mobile device screen (not controlling) on a desktop PC display.

Note: Most remote control and viewing applications transfer a lot of data through a data connection at the same time (high bandwidth), which can drain the battery quickly. It is recommended to connect the Field PC to an external power supply if using a remote control or viewing application for an extended period of time. Please visit our

"Third-party or custom power supply" FAQ webpage for more information.