TeamViewer remote control

26 May 2021

This article provides links for downloading and installing TeamViewer. Doing so could allow a support engineer at Juniper Systems to remotely diagnose and repair your rugged handheld computer, Geode, or other model device when you contact us and approve it. If you are trying to connect your device to a computer, phone, or tablet, it can similarly be helpful to install TeamViewer before contacting us.

TeamViewer QuickSupport (QS)

To allow remote assistance without needing to install the full licensed TeamViewer app, select the following web link.

  1. Using the device that needs support, click on the above link.
  2. TeamViewer will detect the operating system.
  3. Windows devices will automatically download an executable. Install the app from the .exe file. 
  4. Android devices will be taken to the TeamViewer app in Google Play. Download and install the app. 
  5. Apple devices (such as for use with a Geode GNSS receiver) will be taken to the App Store. Download and install the app.


TeamViewer for Archer 3 and Allegro 3

For Archer 3 and Allegro 3, download and install the following APK for remote viewing:

On Allegro 3, this app will appear in portrait instead of landscape until you are connected.

For full remote control, download and install the following add-on:


For Mesa 2 Android, download and install the following file:

  1. After downloading, open the Astro file manager app.
  2. Locate this file under Locations > Primary > Download.
  3. Extract and run the TeamViewerQS.apk file.
  4. If instructed, run the TeamViewerQSAddon_teclast.apk file.
  5. When prompted, enable installation of apps from unknown sources.

To allow an incoming TeamViewer session on Mesa 2 Android, 

  1. Tap Allow.
  2. Immediately press the Home button (circle). If not, the unit may lock up and require a reboot.

Note: TeamViewer for Mesa 2 Android is no longer supported by TeamViewer. It may or may not still work on your Mesa 2.