Archer 2 Ultra-Rugged Handheld

WhereverYour Job Takes You

From hammer and anvil, the Archer 2 has emerged faster, smarter, and more sophisticated than ever before. Claiming top spot among the most advanced rugged handhelds out there, the Archer 2 is specifically designed to boost productivity and speed. It was made for professionals who don’t have time to mess around. Rest easy knowing you can rely on the Archer 2 to help get the work done, wherever your job takes you.

The Archer 2 incorporates all the best things about the Archer and adds to them. Featuring a new IllumiView™ high-visibility display, the Archer 2 remains extraordinarily bright under even the most glaring sunlight. You’ll love the responsiveness of its large, glove-friendly, capacitive touchscreen and numeric keypad, allowing you to input data at unprecedented speeds. And for those work days that just seem to go on and on, you can trust the Archer 2’s custom Overtime Technology™ battery will get you through it, no problem. Add all this to the signature ruggedness that Juniper Systems is known for, and you have one mean data-collecting machine you can rely on, wherever your job takes you.

Archer 2 Rugged Handheld