Firmware updates for new battery packs

11 Nov 2022

If you purchased a spare or replacement battery pack for your Mesa 3 model unit, updates will need to be installed to be fully compatible with the new battery pack. Details are provided at the following web page.


Original article from 29 Jan 2018:

If you received a new battery pack which requires a firmware update to work with your product, select your model from the icons below.

Mesa 2

Allegro 2

Archer 2


Each needed update is as follows.

Mesa 2 - ULPMC firmware version 23 or later on Windows model (appears as ULPMC_0029_17 or higher on Android model)

Allegro 2 - OS release 1.8.3 or later and battery cushion

Archer 2 - OS release 1.8.3 or later and battery cushion


For related reference, transportation safety documentation for the new Samsung battery cells are available in the following web folders.


mSDS (material Safety Data Sheet)
UN DOT 38.3