Battery gets noticeably warm while charging

15 Dec 2011

It is normal for the battery to get fairly warm while charging in the Allegro. The battery can get even more noticeably warm in the following conditions.



The Allegro has several integrated mechanisms to prevent heat damage to or over-charging of the battery. These include a full battery software detector, Vehicle Mode, and heat / over-charge protection circuitry (including a polyfuse in the battery itself). So the Allegro and battery should be protected from any heat related damage and most potential over-charging conditions. Though potential remains for over-charging if the Allegro is left continuously trickle-charging the battery for an excessive period of time (weeks to months). This can potentially reduce the overall charge capacity of the battery. That is why we recommend charging the battery to full, saving the system, and removing the battery from the Allegro if it is not going to be in use (placed in storage) for an extended period of time.