Verizon Wireless Bluetooth DUN (Dial-Up Network) tethering

2 Mar 2008

Note: This information is provided as a reference and does not imply that Juniper Systems will provide full support for or warranty the use of any specific third-party device, accessory, or software with a Juniper product.

Verizon Wireless allows mobile devices like our rugged handheld computers to connect to the Internet through their QNC (Quick Net Connect, 14.4 Kbps), 1xRTT (50-80 Kbps), and newer (CDMA, EVDO, LTE, etc.) networks. Below are instructions.

Bluetooth Connection

Although there are not many Verizon phones that allow modem connections through Bluetooth wireless technology, you may be able to find one when searching for a cell phone with "Bluetooth DUN" (Dial-Up Networking) functionality.

1. Create a Bluetooth partnership with the phone following our "Connecting a Bluetooth Device Instructions".

2. Make sure to check the "Dial Up Network" service when editing the device Properties (or Advanced settings).

3. Make a new dial-up connection by tapping on Start > Settings > Connections (tab) > Connections (icon) > Add a new modem connection.

4. Enter whatever name for the connection (default is "My Connection"), select "Bluetooth" as the modem, and then tap Next.

5. Select your phone from the Bluetooth devices list, then tap Next.

6. Enter #777 as the phone number.

7. If connecting to the QNC network, set User: qnc and Password: qnc. If connecting to the 1xRTT or a newer network (additional tethering fees may apply), set User: <10digitphonenumber> or and Password: vzw.

8. Tap Connect or tap and hold on the name of your connection then select Connect.