Spectec SDW-822 MiniSD Wifi 802.11 adapter installation

18 Aug 2011

Before inserting the card into the Archer, connect the Archer to your PC via the provided USB cable and ActiveSync (Win XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Win 7/Vista). The WiFi card ships with a Mini CD-ROM that contains the drivers for various SDIO cards available from Spectec. When you place the CD-ROM in your PC, the CD should autorun (if not, select to run) and the CD driver menu will appear. Alternatively, the correct and latest drivers can be downloaded from the following web links.

Select the SDIO WLAN Series menu item, then select the menu item for the SDW-822 card. The driver will go through an installation process that puts the driver onto the Archer. Once completed, the Archer will prompt on screen to confirm installation of the file. Tap "OK".

Insert the MiniSD WiFi card into the SD adapter. When you insert the WiFi card assembly into the Archer, you will notice that the card "sticks up a bit". It is taller than a standard SD size card. That is because the extended height of the card serves to provide clearance for the WiFi antenna inside the card, necessary to provide adequate working range.

Important Note: The card WILL fit inside the standard size Archer top cap, but is not recommended. If you look inside the standard Archer top cap, you will notice a small "nubbin" intended to serve as a stop for standard size SD cards. The SD card slot on the Archer is spring-loaded with a push-push type connection. That means, push it in until it clicks to hold the card in; push it a second time to spring the card out. If you put the standard size cap on top of the WiFi card, it will appear to fit, but the little nubbin will push down on the card and continuously compress the spring. Using the standard size cap will create undo pressure on the WiFi SD card, and the card may become damaged in an impact if the Archer were somehow to be dropped. To prevent damage and provide the best working environment for the WiFi card, use of the Archer Communications Cap, part# 15077 (orange) or 19960 (grey), is recommended as described in the following article.

Maximum SD and CF card height (length)

Insert the card with adapter into the Archer and screw the comms cap down. Once you have the card installed and power up or Resume the Archer, you will notice after a slight pause that the WiFi icon will appear on the Today screen adjacent to the Bluetooth icon (if your Archer has Bluetooth). To activate the WiFi card, click on the WiFi icon and the Windows Wireless Manager will appear. This is a simple screen with buttons for the Bluetooth and WiFi. Click on the button to activate the WiFi. The WiFi card will turn on and begin to search for available networks.

Once networks are identified, they will pop up for you to choose. Select the appropriate network, enter the access codes or other required settings, and you should have a connection. Something to be aware of is should you suspend the Archer while you have an established WiFi connection, the WiFi will not immediately start up again when you resume. This is due to the particular structure of the Archer and method in which ports are addressed and accessed as described in the following article.

Card device behavior in Windows Mobile Field PCs

Mainly you will need to wait up to 15 seconds before again being able to access the Wifi card. Once the WiFi card is again identified, it may not immediately re-connect to the WiFi access point. If this is the case, simply click on the WiFi icon to launch the Wireless Manager, then click on the WiFi button to toggle the settings and re-establish the connection. If you are streaming WiFi for extended periods of time, you may just want to disable the auto-suspend timers under Start > Settings > System tab > Power icon > Advanced tab.

Latest drivers and further information may be provided at the following website.

If you need further assistance, please contact support@junipersys.com.