Connecting Allegro CE/DOS (F/PC) to Windows 7

18 May 2011

The original Allegro CE/DOS (F/PC) model can possibly connect to a desktop computer running the Microsoft Windows 7 or Vista operating system using one of the following connection methods.

Most methods require that a built-in physical hardware serial COM RS-232 port is available on the desktop computer, and that you are using an RS-232C DB9 F/F Null Modem cable similar to as is available in our online store. If there is no built-in serial port and/or you do not have the proper cable, possible alternative options are described at the following web page.

Windows Mobile Device Center

The Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC, formerly ActiveSync) program can be installed into Windows 7 and used to connect, but only when the Allegro has been booted into the Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 operating system. If your Allegro has an older version of Windows CE installed (such as 2.12 or earlier), then you may not be able to connect. Upgrades are no longer available. On the Allegro you may need to tap on Start > Settings > Control Panel > Communications > PC Connection tab and change to "COM1 @ 115K" or "COM1 @ 57600 baud", and in WMDC go to Mobile Device Settings > Connection Settings and "Allow connections to one of the following:" for COM1, and then click OK. Once the serial cable is connected, the first time after booting from DOS it may take up to three tries double-tapping on the PCLink icon before the connection will complete.

Lynx or Datalink

The legacy Lynx or Datalink (not for FRS) software may be installed in any 32-bit version of Windows 7. It does not seem to be directly compatible with any 64-bit operating system, but there are potential methods to install it manually. You may need to install and/or run the program in "Compatibility mode for:" and set to Windows 2000. The custom "Lynx.bat" file needed to run in Windows XP does not seem to be necessary for connecting in Windows 7. Make sure the program is set to use the appropriate COM port number and/or baud rate available on your PC.