AMXU GPS Expansion Pod Setup Utility

29 Jul 2014

Click on the file name below to download the install utility for the AMXU (Allegro MX U-Blox) GPS Expansion Pod Setup version 1.9 software. This version adds an Exit button which fully closes the utility (as an alternative to the upper-right X button), properly freeing the COM3 port for use by other software programs.

Copy to and then run the CAB file from File Explorer on the Allegro MX Field PC to install. Once installed, run the program from Start > Programs > AMXU Pod Setup.


If you encounter any conflicts with the signed version of this utility preventing a separately installed unsigned device driver (such as for a card or USB device) from loading such as immediately after booting from a full Power Off (without having to re-insert or re-attach the device), you may want to obtain a signed version of the device driver or alternatively use the previous unsigned version of this utility below.