Backup Battery Low error message

10 Feb 2014

An error message may appear on a unit when an internal battery is low or not working. This message may appear frequently, but can just be dismissed to continue operation.

Swapping main battery packs, particularly in the second (top) battery slot on the TK6000 or original Mesa, with a known good fully charged battery pack may eliminate this error message.

Otherwise, a lithium CMOS backup battery was provided on our previous model rugged handheld computer products (with the exception of the Allegro CE). This does not apply to the latest Mesa 2, Allegro 2, or Archer 2. This previous backup battery maintained the clock and sometimes firmware (such as BIOS) settings while having the main battery pack(s) removed for more than 5 minutes (a super-capacitor maintained all power while swapping main battery pack(s) within 5 minutes).

This CMOS backup battery is not critical to unit operation as long as the main battery back(s) is/are kept charged every night and weekend as is recommended.

If replacement of this CMOS battery is desired (to prevent the error message from appearing), the unit can be submitted for repair to a certified repair center.