Middle Charge Indicator LED blinking

11 Feb 2007

Having the third charging LED light blinking is supposed to be an error indication that the BQ2018 gas gauging chip may not be working correctly. This event rarely (if not ever) occurs. It appears that on occasion this indicator can give a false indication, perhaps due to an ESD shock or some other event (plugging in a wall charger of the wrong voltage). The corrective action is to reboot by holding down the On/Off key for 5-7 seconds, or set the On/Off key to "On/Off" instead of "Sus/Res", then shut off, and then turn back on the Allegro. This issue is likely related to the false "Battery Change Detected" issue, which is also caused by an ESD event. Having the latest BIOS version 3.01 and up (1.00 and up for Allegro DOS) prevents the false "Battery Change Detected" issue, and most likely this issue as well.