National Instruments Data Acquisition PCMCIA in Allegro

24 Jan 2009

For a full list of data acquisition (DAQ, DATAQ, analog sensor input) methods available for our products, please visit the Data acquisition (direct analog sensor input) on the Field PC article.

Below are instructions for using the National Instruments DAQ PCMCIA adapter cards in the Allegro Field PC (mainly written for the Allegro CX). More detailed information may be provided at:

Load the DAQmx Base installer onto your desktop

First- Install the CD from your Labview 2007 packet that says “NI-DAQmx Base for Windows Vista/XP/2000” onto your desktop.

Install the DAQmx Base Drivers onto your Allegro Device-

1-Download Activesync and install it to your desktop

2- Connect the USB cable to your laptop and the Allegro’s Power dock

3- Drop the Allegro into the Power Dock and look for Activesync symbol to turn green (circle with arrows in a circle)

4 - When asked to create a partnership click cancel.

5- Make sure your NI PC card is out of the Allegro before driver installation

6- On your Desktop Go to “Start” button, highlight National Instruments (under programs) and find “NI DAQmx Base” and then run “Windows Mobile and CE Driver Installation”, when asked to “install to default directory”, select NO. Make sure to install driver on C-drive

7- Pull the Allegro off the Power Dock and do a warm reset by holding the on/off button down for a few seconds until the Windows disappear and then let go of the button

8- Put the PC card into the Allegro and make sure that you do not get any “unknown” errors, if you don’t, you have successfully installed the drivers.

9- Do a save system on the Allegro to save your driver installation by going to “Start” -> “Programs” -> “Utilities”-> “Save System”.

At this point if you have any Labview programs built for Labview PDA that you would like to install, go ahead and install and run them on the Allegro by using Activesync.