Leica robotic Allegro lock up in Carlson SurvCE

23 Sep 2010

The Allegro MX Field PC with Leica robotic radio modem expansion pod may slow down or lock up the operating system (particularly the touchscreen operation) when running the Carlson Software SurvCE application. According to Carlson Software, some improvements to this were made in the 2.52 or newer software. Though use of the following setting may still be required.

More information is provided at the following website.


This will prevent the Allegro from ever automatically suspending while connected to the robotic total station (which apparently can cause issues). Though this may increase drain on the battery, requiring nightly charging and/or mid-day battery swap.

Otherwise, some possible solutions may be described at the following web page.

Touchscreen not responding or not accurate

If these suggestions do not resolve the concern, then we can certainly evaluate the hardware for possible warranty repair by following the instructions at and filling out the form linked from the following web page.

Repair Policies Instructions