System password has been unintentionally set

2 Aug 2010

The system password is designed to prevent unauthorized access to data and files. But sometimes the system password may be unintentionally set in the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system.

Microsoft has reported that a known cause to such an issue has been found and resolved in the Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld (formerly Windows Mobile) 6.5 operating system. But the issue may still exist in the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 (WM6.1) operating system.

For products running WM6.1, the easiest solution when such an issue has occurred is to perform a Hard Reset by pressing and holding the Power button for a full count of 20 seconds. Otherwise, you can remove the battery pack(s) and wall charger for 20 minutes.

If a Hard Reset does not resolve the issue, you can contact us regarding other methods to recover the Field PC.

Administration tools are available from Microsoft for setting up alternative system security and data recovery methods as described at: